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Former street view of Uncanoonuc Daylilies when located in Goffstown, NH.  We sell daylily seeds.

Welcome, daylily enthusiast, to our website!

We are a small daylily-hybridizing venture now located in Prior Lake, MN.  Up until a job-related move in 2011, we were located in Goffstown, NH, where you’ll find the two small peaks of the Uncanoonuc Mountains.  In the early 20th century, one of those mountains was home to a mountaintop hotel and ski trails that could be accessed by an “incline railway”.  (Click here for more information.)  We have hiked and snowshoed these mountains quite a bit, up until daylily hybridizing began to consume so much of our free time.  Somehow it seemed fitting to name our operation after these mountains.

In the coming few years we hope to begin introducing some of our daylily creations.  Right now our business consists of selling excess daylily seeds at affordable prices, and hosting visitors during peak bloom season when we also sell a few plant divisions of the daylilies in our gardens, plus seedlings that we will not keep.  Since we are located in hardiness zone 4, our daylily crosses emphasize parents that are northern hardy. 

We ship seeds internationally to countries that have no restrictions on seed importation.  We do not ship plants yet.

Our Daylily Seed List has links to pictures and descriptions of the daylily parents used in each cross.  When you’ve “just got to have” some of our seeds, you can see our Ordering information.  Some of the results of crosses from earlier years are shown on the Seedlings pages.  You can find out more About Us, and visit during our Open Garden, as well as Contact Us with any daylily comments/questions or website problems encountered.

We hope you enjoy your web visit, and especially our pictures.  Thanks for stopping by!

- Dave & Reglindis

18-07 (Melanie'sSmile_x_#JerryJ1)_IMG_03
Main daylily bed at Uncanoonuc Daylilies located in Prior Lake, MN.  We sell daylily seeds.

15 July 2022:  We have recently moved back to New Hampshire.  Will update this site in the coming months.

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