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Jerry Steffenhagen Influence

The following crops of our seedlings all used, as either a pod parent or pollen parent, some of the seedlings given to us by the late Jerry Steffenhagen from his farm in Red Wing, MNYou will also find most of these flowers in the crop sections of the various Seedling Pages


Pictures of Jerry's seedlings we used are shown in the last section below.

Thanks, Jerry (and Jolly)!!  It's greatly appreciated.

When we had to move from New Hampshire to Minnesota for a job change in 2011, their kind generosity the summer beforehand allowed us strangers to transplant/cram a few thousand daylilies into their wonderfully-tilled daylily fields for "storage" until we could transplant them further to the house we finally bought in Prior Lake.  A thousand thank you's, Jerry and Jolly!

2019 Crop

2018 Crop

2016 Crop

Jerry's Seedlings

Below are the Jerry Steffenhagen seedlings that were used as parents in the above crops of our seedlings.

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