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(Culver B, 2009, 42", 4", ML SEV Tet, 4-way branching, 25 buds)  His description includes:  Ruffled cream-peach with a wine-purple eye and edge.  Vigorous healthy plant, bounces back from dividing easily.  Blooms over a long period.  An instant rebloomer.  One of the finest to have been introduced by Culver Farm Daylilies, and is proving to be a great parent.  Won the 2009 Region 4 Saxon Seedling Award out of 42 entries.  


-- Comments:  Consistently formed flowers, excellent branching and bud count, strong performance with much instant rebloom in my Zone 4 northern garden.  Parent of his CANDY BANDIT, CAVORTING, FLORENDA, LADY MEL, and ZODIAC EXPRESS.


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