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Photo from the hybridizer's website.

(Moldovan, 2010, 38", 6", M DOR Tet, 5-way branching, 30 buds)  Rose pink with bold butter yellow toothed edge.  Roy Woodhall's description includes:   One of the most important daylilies that Steve ever produced.  On its maiden bloom it was so spectacular that a shovel was immediately grabbed and it was moved into a selected bed, which is something that is rarely done here at the garden.  

Impressive  clarity of the rose-pink coloration.  Fabulous, highly toothed edge in a rich, bold butter-yellow color that makes this beauty visible from across the garden.  Stellar plant habit.  The scape is to die for with its lowest branch count being four-way and its typical branching being five-way.  Foliage is in proportion with the rest of the plant and remains pleasant well past the plant's bloom cycle. 

[Seedling X Seedling]

-- Comments:  Lineage includes VATICAN CITY, RED CANDY, FORESTLAKE RAGAMUFFIN, TRIVIA PURSUIT, VOLTAIRE, LADY KHAN, SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE, and VICTORIAN LACE.  Very new to my Zone 4 northern garden in 2016, but showed promising branching.


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