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Kenora Wildfire

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(Culver B, 2008, 34", 5", ML DOR Tet, 4-way branching, 25 buds)  His description includes:  Bright fiery red with a lighter watermark and a slight cream-yellow edge.  Heavy substanced flower whose color doesn't water mark or run like many in this color class.  Opens flat early in the morning, and holds its color throughout the day.  One of our finest performers in the garden, and proving to be one of our finest parents as well. 

[BOMBAY SILK X John Benz Red]

-- Comments:  Strong colors persist all day.  Consistently formed flowers, excellent branching and bud count, good looking dark green foliage, and strong performance in my Zone 4 northern garden.  One of my favorites.  Parent of his EDNA CRUMBACK, KENORA HEAT WAVE, and RED FESTIVAL.


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