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Spacecoast Sea Shells

(Click on picture for expanded view.)


(Kinnebrew J, 2003, 30", 5.5", EM EV Re Tet, 4-way branching, 23 buds)  His description includes:  Cream with purple eye and edge above yellow cream throat.

[CATCHER IN THE EYE X Seedling]  Awards: AM,HM,RWM (2009,2006,2009)

-- Comments:  Wow, such an appliqué throat!  This past 2016 season, with the early warm weather, gave us these marvelous flowers consistently in our Zone 4 northern garden.  What a treat.  I have never seen this plant produce such beauty before, not even a single blossom, not even in our former Zone 5 NH garden.  It is otherwise quite tender in our garden, but I'm glad we kept it for hybridizing.  Parent of 37 registrations, including Grammon's EVERYDAY BUTTERFLY, Petit's FABERGE EASTER, and Rich Howard's MALALA and RORSCHACH TEST.


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