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Spirit Zone

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(Culver B, 1999, 28", 4.5", ML DOR Tet, 4-way branching, 30 buds)  His description includes:  Peach pink blend with a bleeding maroon halo above a yellow applique throat with a green heart. This daylily was the best grower with the best branching and bud count and the most unusual flower markings of all my earlier produced seedlings.  May not be hardy in zone 3 and 4 without protection.  1st place winner in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 Ontario Daylily Society top ten popularity poll, and tied for 8th place in the 2008 and 2009 AHS Region 4 popularity poll.  Voted by the membership of AHS Region 4 as the top cultivar for 2009 hybridized by a Region 4 Hybridizer.  Voted the top clump hybridized by a Region 4 hybridizer growing in a tour garden at the 2009 Region 4 Regional meeting.  


-- Comments:  Consistently formed flowers.  Probably a little tender in my Zone 4 northern garden, though still fairly new to the garden in 2016.  Parent of 8 registrations.


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