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Steve Moldovan

(Click on picture for expanded view.)


(Moldovan - Woodhall, 2008, 36", 6.5", M SEV Re Tet, 4-way branching, 25 buds)  Their description includes:  Purple with silvery cream band and light blue purple watermark and white edge above yellow green throat.  The culmination of three of Steve's major purple and red lines.  Steve noted this cultivar as being “the future of my purple breeding” and marked it with five stars on the tag!  He was extremely excited about this flower's color, form, substance and plant habit.  The blooms are a sultry purple having a watermark in the light blue purple range that can become iridescent, due to its diamond dusting, in the heat of the day. The patterns in the watermark often break into multiple levels.  The white edge carries onto the sepals.  Variable forms can include pleated petals and midribs.


-- Comments:  Fairly new to my Zone 4 northern garden in 2016, where it appears to be quite tender so far.  Parent of 3 registrations.


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