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Unending Melody

(Click on picture for expanded view.)


(Carpenter J, 2001, 30", 5.5", M EV Tet, 5-way branching, up to 70 buds)  His description includes:  Cameo-pink cream,  red wine eye and edge. A TET LAVENDER BLUE BABY kid.  Great vigor and sturdiness.  The parent of future releases. 


-- Comments:  Have you seen its kid OHIO DISCOVERY ('07) with the feathered, raised eyezone?!  WOW!............. Parent of 33 registrations, including his BRAIDED EDGINGS ('04), BALLERINA BEAUTIFUL ('05), LEVI DAVIS ('06), and PICOTEE RIPPLED RUFFLES ('06).   In my former Zone 5 NH garden, it had very showy edges, and  performed  very well.  Here in my Zone 4 garden, its performance has reduced to being just good.  I’ve produced kids with a lavender base using this flower, reflecting its LBB heritage.  Parent of some of my most interesting seedlings.

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